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Patrick is active as a composer and teacher, and holds a Masters degree (with distinction) in the discipline from the University of Oxford. A selection of his works can be found below.

'an extraordinary compositional venture, achieved with considerable aplomb... the feat of imagination in creating this piece by building it upon a comparatively obscure corner of Renaissance polyphony is completely original' - Faculty of Music, University of Oxford (on Nesciens Mater)

A Chesse Pece - For trombone quartet and string quartet.
Vincit qui patitur - For brass ensemble
Nesciens Mater - For 64-part choir
Te lucis ante terminum - For SSAATTBarB
Freckles and Eyes - For solo piano
I Pastori - For SSAATTBarBB
The Earl of Toulouse - For chamber orchestra
Variegated Initials - 6 piano miniatures
Lux Aeterna - For SSAATTBarB
Ave Regina Caelorum - For two high voices, TTBarB
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